• Quick Tips to Improve To Enhance Your Cross-Platform Mobile Development Process

    In the recent digital world, mobile cross-platform application development has turned out to be a well-known framework which is the first choice of businesses and developers as well.

    Since the businesses have to deal with diverse customers every day, your app needs to work seamlessly over all kinds of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and so on. This is the major reason why businesses count on cross-platform mobile app development in recent times while catering to all sorts of customer demands.

    Proven Tips to Enhance Your Cross-Platform Mobile Development Process

    In some cases, it might turn out to slow down the app development lifecycle that further affects the user experience and your business growth. In this case, you need to be aware of the top ways for enhancing your cross-platform mobile development process so as to offer a rich user experience to your end customers.

    So, here I am sharing a few tips that can enhance your cross-platform app development process easily. Let’s get started!

    # TIP 1

    Carrying out healthy communication is important while building cross-platform mobile applications. The in-depth, clean documentation of the application build process, precisely the service layer, will speed up the application build on successive platforms.

    # TIP 2

    People usually find it challenging porting functionalities while developing cross-platform applications, and the problem is usability in this case. Building applications natively, generally ensure an application that reaches the customer expectation levels. If you count on native development, it sticks to navigation, gestures, feels and the look of every operating system. While implementing the platform translation tools, it even helps in minimizing the code bloat, which might occur frequently.

    # TIP 3

    If an application is the responsive version or extension of the website, you would definitely look for a rapid way out for completing the app development process. You can go for Xamarin mobile developers or choose cross-platform frameworks such as Ionic, Appcelerator Titanium, and PhoneGap. Cross-platform development lifecycle ensures a great user experience with development ease that complies with major web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS. The native plugins will make sure the functionalities required as per every mobile platform.

    # TIP 4

    Make sure that the development tool you choose resembles the skill set of the developers. Moreover, find a solution that provides thorough support needed during the application development process that includes prototyping, metadata-driven applications, and cross-device testing and . Further, it must be able to ensure integration with cloud-based services for leveraging features like data persistence, social media incorporation, notifications.

    # TIP 5

    Since wide solutions have come across the cross-platform development industry, it has become important to realize the functionalities offered by these solutions for the mobile platforms you have planned to support. Since the tool you bank upon is going to affect the user experience, choose the development tool wisely and make sure that the tool you choose meets the requirements of your business and the expectation level of the target audience as well.

    You must consider all these points while keeping in mind the target audience, their expectations and what they are looking for in a mobile app. All these points will definitely help you in optimizing the cross-platform mobile development process.

  • How to Ignite your New Mobile App Idea to Reality

    In recent times, mobile apps have gained a rapid name in the industry since every individual counts on a mobile app to carry out any of their routine and important tasks. Irrespective of the age group and the profession an individual is into, everyone’s life is bound by mobile apps these days.

    With such a rapid hype of mobile apps in the digital world, entrepreneurs have started investing in this segment and fetch maximum benefits out of it. Do you have a mobile app idea in your mind and want to turn that idea into success? Well, I can make your job easy by sharing things that you might be unaware of.

    Ignite your mobile app idea into reality

    Since most of the people who have the initial business plans in their mind, I can definitely assist you in igniting your mobile app ideas into reality and getting closer to your goals. So, below I am sharing a few things that help to ignite the idea for a mobile app. So, let’s get started!

    Note down the feature list

    You need to finalize what features your mobile app needs to come up with. Having a rough list in your mind won’t be of any help, rather you need to jot down all the features you wish to include in your mobile app. Of course, you won’t be able to finalize all the features in one go; you’ll have to update it from time to time whenever a new feature hits your mind.

    Research, research, and more research

    Once you have listed down the features, the next thing you need to do is carry out strong market research so as to get an idea of the competition, market standards, and customer expectations about what they are expecting from a mobile application. More you’ll explore, better your app will be.

    Know your audience

    Another important factor is to get an idea of who is going to use your app i.e. identify your target audience, their demographics, their interest area, their age group, gender, profession, their budget, and their expectations. Once you are aware of these parameters, you can definitely build an app that is simply loved by the customers you are targeting.

    Build a rough wireframe

    Most of you might not be aware of wireframing since it’s your first time and you have no clue about it. Well, making a rough sketch of your mobile app can be of a lot of help, and you can create a wireframe with the help of great online tools. Once you are done with it, it assists you in deciding the suitable navigation of the app. For this, you usually need not have strong technical knowledge, but a great idea about your app- its features and everything you are planning to include in it.

    Find appropriate vendors and get estimates

    Now, as you prepared with the wireframe of your mobile application, your next step will be to look for some local mobile app development company who have worked upon similar apps like yours. Don’t settle for the first vendor you approach, rather look for various vendors, compare all of them- their services, portfolio, pricing model, and other important factors. Once you have tried enough vendors, bank on the one that has a good reputation in the market and even fits your budget.

    All these points are going to definitely help you turn your mobile app ideas into reality while minimizing the risk of failures and eventually turn out into a successful mobile application.

  • Best PHP Frameworks You Must Try in 2020

    In recent times, PHP is amongst the most popular languages preferred by the majority of the developers for website development. Since PHP development services make the PHP software development lifecycle safer and rapidly the need to create codes from the very scratch, assuring secure development and reducing the workload as well.

    As the code development problems are simplified for any website development and removing the requirement of running codes again and again and making the process becomes easy, fast, and secure. PHP acts as a scripting language that has numerous frameworks, which means developers and business owners get wide choices to browse through and try the one that best suits your business requirements and the budget as well.

    PHP Frameworks to Try in 2020

    Counting on the right framework enables you to build a stable app faster and secure and has minimum possible issues. Every year, new PHP frameworks are introduced that eventually outdate the existing ones and make their place in the heart of a developer. As of 2020, below, I am sharing the list of best PHP frameworks that a PHP development company must try this year.

    Let’s get started!


    Laravel is an open-source, free and amongst the most reliable PHP frameworks. Laravel perfectly handles complex web apps with safety measures and at a rapid rate. With Laravel development services, you can expect common tasks such as routing, caching, authentication, and so on. You can even customize the complex applications with Laravel with its wide range of functionalities and is easy to install and develop.


    CodeIgniter has resisted in the software industry for the past 12 years, and every PHP web development company simply loves using this framework. Even beginners can learn this framework quickly since it has a simple setup procedure and thereby makes development simple and faster. Other functionalities you can expect from CodeIgniter include- libraries, illustrated database, high speed, data abstraction, built-in security questions, and active community support.

    Cake PHP

    The 100% backward compatibility makes this framework an upgradable and an ideal option to build an intuitive and appealing website with a hassle-free approach. The framework even has tight security measures, including cross-site scripting (XSS) protection, preventing SQL injection, and CSRF protection with input validation. Other features you can expect in CakePHP include- proper class inheritance, security, validation, support, fast build and documentation, and support portals.


    Symfony remains as the oldest frameworks, yet a mature and reliable platform that enables developers to experience a high performance, stable, and well-documented platform for development lifecycle. Other features you can expect in Symfony includes- reusable elements, stability, and engine independent database.


    Yii framework enables developers to develop web applications and has a massive community that makes it viable for developers to seek help and support throughout a project development lifecycle. The extensibility enables developers to customize even the Core’s code. While counting on the easy and fast Yii framework, you can even develop a secure CMS, portals, and eCommerce portals as well.

    The above mentioned frameworks are the most trending and reliable PHP frameworks that every PHP website development company must try in 2020 and take their business to heights.

  • Mobile App Developers Choose Hybrid Mobile Application Development for business Gains

    The smart phone market has gained immense strength in the recent years. Last year, around half of the Internet traffic was mobile. According to statistics, by the end of 2020, the number of smart phone users will reach 2.87 billion, with data traffic to reach 77.5 exabytes per month.  So, there is dire need for hybrid mobile applications and hence choose the best hybrid app development company for your new app to be developed.

    What is Hybrid App Development?

    Today, anyone can get cost-effective smart phones and easily access the internet through it. In fact, India has the maximum number of mobile-first online population, with a 73.67% of web pages accessed via mobile phones. Developers find it difficult to choose between hybrid mobile app development or stick to the traditional Native Mobile App Development.

    The most important aspect in mobile application development is to provide best-in-class user experience and user interface to attract more customers to your App.

    Hybrid Mobile Application Development is basically a combination of Native Apps and Web Apps. While Native Mobile Apps are designed specifically to use in a specific platform or device, Hybrid Mobile Apps are created as a single App to use on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Hybrid Apps development uses HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript to create mobile Apps, to run by the company website. Basically, it is a web-based program which is put in a native App shell and connected to the hardware of the device.

     Advantages of Using Hybrid App Development


    Native App development offers smooth performance, high speed, better user experience, data protection, security and gives a personal feel. But, they need more development time as compared to Hybrid Apps Development, as different coding is required for the respective platforms, like Android, iOS, tablets etc. This increases the cost of development as well, because a bigger team of developers is required.

    On the other hand, there are numerous benefits of using Hybrid App Development in today’s mobile app development market. They are, as mentioned below:

    1.    Lesser Development Cost

    App development, in this case, occurs only once, for all the various platforms, like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. So, there is no need to hire different developers to write different codes. Hybrid App development is preferred by budget-centric entrepreneurs.

    2.    Low Maintenance

    The content of the Hybrid Apps can be updated as many times as desired, because they are simply web apps that are incorporated in a native shell. This helps in maintaining the Hybrid Mobile Apps easily.

    3.    Reduced Time to Market

    People, everyday are coming up with innovative ideas to bring an app to market. One needs quick App development process to be in the forefront. With the same idea being pitched by various entrepreneurs, the one who introduces his App the earlier to his target customers is surely the winner.

    Disadvantages of Using Hybrid App Development


    Although Hybrid App Development is the most preferred choice of App developers for creating an App for smart phones, yet there are some disadvantages associated to it. They are mainly because of the extra layer that is added between the source code and the target mobile platforms. The disadvantages are as follows:

    •    Low on performance for few specific Apps
    •    Debugging becomes quite difficult
    •    Compromise on User Experience

    So, after going through the above details, you can easily decide on which approach to choose for building your mobile app, depending on your business and customer requirements. Pondering upon the strengths and weaknesses of the approach will surely help you make the best choice to get profitable results.

  • Popular Android App Development Trends for 2020

    With the wide adoption of smartphones and the technology evolution, people making a move to mobile apps is simply multiplying every day. In today’s time, it has just become inevitable not to have a mobile application and expect that users will reach your business.

    Once you plan to invest in the Android app development industry, you simply can’t begin overnight and come up with an app that will be simply appreciated by all.

    Popular Android App Development Trends

    Prior to that, you need to be aware of the top android app development trends that are expected to stay in 2020 and beyond. So, let’s get started and go through the most popular trends that overrule the android app development industry.

    5G Wireless Services

    As compared to 4G, 5G comes out to be a hundred times faster. The telecom industry is getting wider in areas such as- 3D gaming, augmented reality, speed, and data security. App developers can build apps with 5G so that the customers can benefit from the speed and performance.

    Beacon Technology

    Beacon is a small wireless transmitter that utilizes the Bluetooth technology for sending signals to the nearby smartphones. It can easily connect and transmit information to smart devices and assist in out-of-store marketing. As it helps to collect data better, individuals can use it for optimizing the user journey.

    Beacons are budget-friendly as compared to other technologies that indicate even startups can benefit from this technology. App developers can even implement Beacon technology easily into their apps.


    Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) and Application Performance Management (APM) are the major components of enterprise mobile app development procedures. It further helps in the rapid speed of an app and helps with the security of mobile applications and enables employees a proficient exchange of data over mobile gadgets.         


    Well, the term blockchain is in the spotlight since 2018 and is still a buzzword in the market. The blockchain industry is flourishing and maturing day after day while helping to avoid data breaching and making any fake documents. Everything can be traced back easily with the blockchain technology.


    In the coming time, the majority of mobile applications will become compatible with virtual reality and augmented reality. And the AR/VR market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming time as well. Major industry leaders, including Google and Apple are investing huge capital and time in the AR/VR industry.

    App Chatbots

    We all have a clear idea about the widespread of chatbots in the web industry, but sooner we will see chatbots integrated directly into the mobile applications. Visitors will simply love this feature as their queries will get answered quickly soon after they have raised the query.

    Predictive Analytics

    The capability of predicting future events and happenings with relevant data availability is known as predictive analytics. It makes use of the artificial engine, machine learning, modeling, data mining, statistics, and various other techniques for predicting the events. Sooner, predictive analytics is going to become a great concept for the mobile app development industry.

    As of now, these are the most popular trends, and apart from these, there are a lot of other trends that are expected to stay in the industry in the time to come.

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