• Mobile App Developers Choose Hybrid Mobile Application Development for business Gains

    The smart phone market has gained immense strength in the recent years. Last year, around half of the Internet traffic was mobile. According to statistics, by the end of 2020, the number of smart phone users will reach 2.87 billion, with data traffic to reach 77.5 exabytes per month.  So, there is dire need for hybrid mobile applications and hence choose the best hybrid app development company for your new app to be developed.

    What is Hybrid App Development?

    Today, anyone can get cost-effective smart phones and easily access the internet through it. In fact, India has the maximum number of mobile-first online population, with a 73.67% of web pages accessed via mobile phones. Developers find it difficult to choose between hybrid mobile app development or stick to the traditional Native Mobile App Development.

    The most important aspect in mobile application development is to provide best-in-class user experience and user interface to attract more customers to your App.

    Hybrid Mobile Application Development is basically a combination of Native Apps and Web Apps. While Native Mobile Apps are designed specifically to use in a specific platform or device, Hybrid Mobile Apps are created as a single App to use on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Hybrid Apps development uses HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript to create mobile Apps, to run by the company website. Basically, it is a web-based program which is put in a native App shell and connected to the hardware of the device.

     Advantages of Using Hybrid App Development


    Native App development offers smooth performance, high speed, better user experience, data protection, security and gives a personal feel. But, they need more development time as compared to Hybrid Apps Development, as different coding is required for the respective platforms, like Android, iOS, tablets etc. This increases the cost of development as well, because a bigger team of developers is required.

    On the other hand, there are numerous benefits of using Hybrid App Development in today’s mobile app development market. They are, as mentioned below:

    1.    Lesser Development Cost

    App development, in this case, occurs only once, for all the various platforms, like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. So, there is no need to hire different developers to write different codes. Hybrid App development is preferred by budget-centric entrepreneurs.

    2.    Low Maintenance

    The content of the Hybrid Apps can be updated as many times as desired, because they are simply web apps that are incorporated in a native shell. This helps in maintaining the Hybrid Mobile Apps easily.

    3.    Reduced Time to Market

    People, everyday are coming up with innovative ideas to bring an app to market. One needs quick App development process to be in the forefront. With the same idea being pitched by various entrepreneurs, the one who introduces his App the earlier to his target customers is surely the winner.

    Disadvantages of Using Hybrid App Development


    Although Hybrid App Development is the most preferred choice of App developers for creating an App for smart phones, yet there are some disadvantages associated to it. They are mainly because of the extra layer that is added between the source code and the target mobile platforms. The disadvantages are as follows:

    •    Low on performance for few specific Apps
    •    Debugging becomes quite difficult
    •    Compromise on User Experience

    So, after going through the above details, you can easily decide on which approach to choose for building your mobile app, depending on your business and customer requirements. Pondering upon the strengths and weaknesses of the approach will surely help you make the best choice to get profitable results.

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